Husband. Father. Family man. Professor of Theology.

Miller’s ordinary life comes to a screeching halt the evening he comes back from class, only to discover two policemen on his front lawn. The news they bring is the worst imaginable.

Lawrence’s sixteen year old son, Val, has died of an overdose.

From that fateful moment, Miller’s life begins a downward spiral of regret, despair and anger. He blames himself for his son’s death, playing an endless “what if” game. Miller finds that he cannot share his grief with his wife and family and his grip on reality slips even further as he begins to hear his dead son calling out for help from beyond the grave.

Of course, Miller is a professor of ancient literature. He has read the many stories from the ancient Sumerians, Greeks and Romans that describe a hero going into the Afterlife in search of a lost loved one.

But those are just stories… right?